Welcome to automation and digitalization! Welcome to living for the better!

Higher quality increased flexibility to meet consumer demands, more significant innovation, and more precise and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Automation is nothing new for the industry; it’s been part of global manufacturing processes for many years. What is new and exciting is the rapid acceleration and increase in automation that we’re now seeing.

Automation boosts sustainability

A recent report indicates that the global industrial automation market is projected to grow from USD 206 billion in 2022 to USD 395 billion by 2029. More and more companies are adopting industrial automation to streamline processes. It improves our production efficiency by making our operations more cost-effective and reducing our environmental footprint.

Automation increases efficiency!

If demand rises for a particular product, you can quickly adapt. In the past, you would need hours to change between two models. Now, with automated processes, you can do it in a few minutes. That gives you tremendous flexibility, meaning you can quickly change your production program and react to the market.

Automation raises product quality!

In addition to the higher precision, accuracy, and repeatability of the automated processes, which improve our products’ quality, these new automated processes have built-in quality inspections to monitor 100% of the production at many more intermediate steps than before.

Let’s speed up automation with strategic steps toward manufacturing excellence! Auware Engineering Kft., Automa CZ s.r.o., and Antra ID Kft., parts of Central European Automation Holding (CEAH), enable your plant to capture your product’s end-to-end journey from raw material sources to the point of sale.


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