Robots improve your productivity

Although we do know IFR datas for 2023, robotics set a new record in 2022 with 3.9 million units in operation.

For years, half a million new units per year have been a thing of the past. According to preliminary expectations, after the 553,052 units of 202, more than 590,000 industrial robots will have been installed in 2023, and by 2024, it is predicted to break the 600,000 mark.

Last year, palletizing and machine servicing tasks were at the top of the application ranking, ahead of welding robots. The general and food industries compensated for the temporary decline in the automotive industry. The primary customer market for robotics is still multinational companies, which have the company culture and cost-benefit analysis methods that allow them to see and test the advantages of robotics quickly. The SME sector needs further process development and some change of attitude.

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