Although we do know IFR datas for 2023, robotics set a new record in 2022 with 3.9 million units in operation.
In 2024, corporate digitization will pick up pace, with an estimated $3.4 trillion investment in transformation over the next three years.
Cybercriminals are targeting both IT and physical supply chains, launching mass cyberattacks, and devising new ways to extort money from businesses.
The year 2023 was undoubtedly another period of challenges. This applies to the global and European economies, especially the Czech ones. The beginning of the year was already marked by persistent inflation, the threat of economic recession, and uncertainty about energy prices.
The global robotics industry is thriving with over half a million new installations in 2022.
Thanks to the development of several complementary technologies, the Internet of Things is on an ever-accelerating growth path.