Current trends in robotics

The global robotics industry is thriving with over half a million new installations in 2022.

According to the World Robotics Report produced by the International Federation of Robotics, the robotics industry is still booming. This is determined by the ever-increasing number of newly installed units, which is the industry’s most important indicator.

More than half a million new installations worldwide in 2022 represent a stable growth of 5%.

Nearly three-quarters of the new units were installed in Asia, which is by far the number one, followed by Europe with 15%.

A general slowdown in world economic growth is forecast for 2023. However, the robotics industry is expected to defy this trend.

The most important industries that use robots are the automobile industry, the metal industry, the plastic and chemical industry, and the food industry. The automotive industry remains one of the main adopters of industrial robots. One conclusion we can draw from the report is that robots are becoming increasingly accessible and affordable. They are now a viable option for businesses of all sizes. Be sure that many of your competitors are probably using robots already.

With careful planning and deployment, your business stands to benefit greatly from introducing robots to your workflow. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of the mechanical, automation, and programming knowledge of  Antra ID Kft., Auware Engineering Kft., SOGOS – FANAM, and Automa CZ s.r.o., parts of Central European Automation Holding (CEAH)!



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