One for all, all for one: Interview

The longest journey begins with the first step: this could even have been the motto of the Central European Automation Holding (CEAH), which brought together the four member companies in a joint stand.

The 2024 Industry Days exhibition also allowed for a big debut, as the Central European Automation Holding (CEAH) appeared as an exhibitor for the first time – both member company and holding level.  The presence at the fair, realized with international cooperation, attracted visitors to the given point of pavilion G, almost like a magnet.  We asked Chief Business Development Officer Tamás Nagy about the exhibition results and the future of CEAH.


Visitors to the Days of Industry could meet you as an exhibitor for the first time.  Why did you come to Budapest?

CEAH has participated as an exhibitor in such a large-scale industrial exhibition for the first time since its establishment.  We made no less a commitment than the presentation of our four member companies – the Hungarian Antra ID Kft. and Auware Engineering Kft., the Czech SOGOS – FANAM and Automa CZ – individually and together.  We wanted to understand the critical role automation plays in the lives of all four partner companies and how effectively they use synergies across borders and professions to support Central European industrial companies’ automation and digitalization efforts.


How do you feel that the joint action of the member companies was a success?

Since we were in Budapest and met Hungarian customers, we tried to highlight the strengths of Antra ID Kft. and Auware Engineering Kft. We brought a production line model to the exhibition, which was based on Auware’s primary competence. The production line detected errors and placed the scrap products in a container, where we performed an ultrasonic depth measurement. If the container is full, the system will issue an alarm.


Have your growth strategies changed in the past year?

Growth as a strategic direction remained unchanged, and with the acquisition of SOGOS-FANAM, we took the first step in this direction.  Even the longest journey begins with the first step.  However, our natural, not-so-hidden goal to be achieved does not necessarily depend on the size of the company.  We want to become an automation service holding that can implement the automation needs of Central European customers first-hand, with in-house resources, from intralogistics to complete production line implementation.  We intend for CEAH to play a decisive role in the automation market.


How do you coordinate the different Central European markets?

It is a huge advantage that we are present in Hungary and the Czech Republic.  We can address all customers locally and direct resources internationally to the project where they are needed.  Therefore, we not only address the industries considered the traditional “playground” of the four-member companies, but we go beyond the framework and work much more diversified than those companies that have already started to serve one sector at a time.


Are there any industries where you want to strengthen?

There are several such sectors. If we focus on the Hungarian member companies, we already have strong positions in the automotive industry, but we still have unexploited opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industries, for example. Everyone wants to automate, and the more we diversify our activities locally and sectorally, the less we will be affected by the industry’s natural fluctuations.


How do you evaluate the Industry Days exhibition in an international context?

For me, after many years of living in America, it was an extremely great experience to participate in an exhibition in Hungary.  Mainly because we met a lot of familiar faces.  Our employees were busy almost the entire time, which may have contributed to our production line model – which nearly attracted attention – but it is not an exaggeration to say that the opportunities offered by CEAH also drew the attention of visitors walking past our stand.


 Laszlo Molnár, TechMonitor Magazine


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