IoT starts with the basics

Thanks to the development of several complementary technologies, the Internet of Things is on an ever-accelerating growth path.
  • IDC predicts that global IoT spending will reach $1.1 trillion in 2023, a 52% increase over 2019.
  • Deloitte’s survey found that security testing (57%) was the most challenging aspect of testing IoT applications cited by respondents.


The following challenges show a balanced distribution: the need for infrastructure (45%), the required IoT devices (44%), and the test automation strategy (41%) closely follow each other. The need for adequate resource skills to understand connected systems and perform validations (33%) was also critical.

Vulnerabilities and security challenges multiply in this vast and interconnected ecosystem. To address the challenges of complexity, Central European Automation Holding pre-determines a comprehensive IoT testing strategy that goes back to the basics. For those who want to play a leading role in introducing competitive advantage technologies, guaranteeing data security is a critical element.


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