Viribus Unitis – United forces

One of the royal mottos of Franz Joseph I is an essential pillar of success in the industry as well. In the global market, a merger is one of the tools to stay on one’s feet.

The current buzzword is synergy when two companies effectively combine their strengths in different markets or sub-activities.

This is how Orwell’s 2 + 2 = 5 becomes true. But this time to everyone’s advantage!

The holding organization offers best-in-class solutions for all critical areas of industrial automation. Under the Central European Automation Holding (CEAH), the Czech Automa CZ s.r.o., the Hungarian Antra ID Kft. and Auware Engineering Kft. fully utilize the synergies between the member companies, and the experts, resources, experience, and vital capacity. They can handle all needs and challenges with their involvement.

CEAH’s competence covers all stages of a project’s life cycle, from initial planning to ensure continuous operation. Call on the Fantastic Four of automation, and an international team of experts will be on the move at your single call!


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