Robotics: both a challenge and an opportunity

The pandemic, the world crisis, the war, and the inflationary environment have significantly impacted robotics. However, this area is far from showing such gloomy results as other forms of technological investments.

Some countries could expand their resources devoted to robotics, while others (Central and Eastern Europe, India, and the Scandinavian countries) spent significantly, even a quarter less, on robot installations.

Where the demand is higher, dynamic robotization takes place. This happened, for example, in the field of the electronics industry: in just one year, around one hundred and ten thousand new robot units were installed for the production of household appliances, electrical equipment, semiconductors, solar panels, computers, telecommunications devices, and video and electronic entertainment items.

What will the future bring?

This year will be spent overcoming the difficulties caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Even the experts disagree on how much momentum the post-crisis world will provide. Making the business case for automation and selecting the right solution can be challenging. But with the right partner, you can trust that your future will be in good hands and that suitable systems will be implemented and maintained.

At Central European Automation Holding, we aim to see customers succeed and earn the right to be called their “Partner of Choice” for automation.


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