How digitalization boosts your business

When selecting a partner for automation, always remember that only some companies can deliver all technologies and services.

Factory automation is the digitization of tasks in the machine environment, eliminating repetitive tasks for employees and simultaneously making it possible to collect operational data. This way, automation saves factory costs and provides information to improve processes.

Automating your factory, you get data that needs to be available to departments beyond the factory. For example, by taking it to the operations or business departments, you check whether all production and quality targets are met. Factory automation is part of the growing concept of Industry 4.0, which involves the digitization of plants to obtain an intelligent factory or a related industry that takes advantage of all the opportunities (business, cost savings…) technology brings.

The advantages of factory automation

  • Increased productivity: Processes are automated, allowing the factory to operate efficiently during more hours, even during the entire workday.
  • Cost reduction: As with many digitization processes, automating processes means that employees can focus on less manual and more creative tasks.
  • Energy savings: Automating processes makes it easier to know the electrical consumption of plants or specific components and operate accordingly.
  • Adaptability: Automation makes modifying manufacturing according to customer demand possible.
  • Increased occupational safety: Human employees are no longer doing dangerous tasks and are assigned, if anything, to supervise what the machines are doing.

The ideal partner is a member of a robust ecosystem of vendors, OEMs, system integrators, and service providers who provide a value chain of products and services to drive digital transformation success.

And this is what Central European Automation Holding (CEAH) is.


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