Mobile robot market worth 7,4 mld. USD by 2027

The exponential growth that the market for mobile robots will enjoy is primarily due to the demand for order fulfillment robots.

New research shows the market for mobile robot components is expected to enjoy rapid growth out to 2027, reaching a value of 7.4 mld. USD with a CAGR of 44.8% over the next five years.  Shelf-to-Person (S2P) robots dominate revenues due to Amazon’s strong influence on the market. In the future, the dominance of S2P will continue as other logistics firms, such as Alibaba, mimic Amazon’s strategy.

While China will become a strong growth contender for mobile robot componentry, the US currently dominates the market because of a huge captive market created by the in-house production of Amazon’s AMR/AGV fleet. By 2027, China will account for over 40% of the components market in units, but the US will still dominate revenues. The shift towards Chinese robots and components drives global price erosion for the market, particularly for navigation systems.

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