Why is quality assurance crucial?

Quality assurance is vital for businesses to produce high-quality products, minimize waste, ensure customer satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth.

Producing a good quality product is an obvious goal for any business. In practice, inevitably, a „speck of dust” can „slip through the cracks,” and scrap can build up during production, causing problems on several fronts: wasted raw materials, wasted resources (machines, people, energy), excess storage and administration, and finally: customer dissatisfaction.

The following aspects are usually considered when producing products of the quality expected:

  • Cost savings, efficiency gains
  • More profit
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Sustainable business growth in the short, medium, and long term


There are now several methodologies to ensure the expected manufacturing quality:

  • Standardize the manufacturing/service process and reduce product variability.
  • Implement a robust MES/ERP system with quality assurance capabilities.
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction.
  • Build better workflows that reduce costs, support decision-making, and facilitate teamwork.
  • Compliance with current standards and regulations.
  • Supporting digitization of production quality.


The possibility of scrap is eliminated early in technologizing a product, so the resulting losses are typically insignificant. But reviewing our procedures repeatedly and trying to eliminate even minor defects is still worthwhile.

A sophisticated production digitization tool can often help. Central European Automation Holding (CEAH) operates as a promise to the factory and the customers that the company will deliver high-quality products that provide a positive user experience.



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