Industry 4.0: industrial digitization may also alleviate the energy crisis

The broadest possible automation and digitization of as many production processes as possible is now undoubtedly a vital issue in the success of manufacturing companies, so by 2030, the global market’s value for production digitization may reach 1,370 billion dollars 

Digital twins, decreasing energy demand, human-machine synergy – not too distant future.

The production’s energy requirements are enormous, and this quantity is becoming increasingly challenging due to environmental and geopolitical reasons. Industry 4.0 solutions can reduce the energy demand of factories by up to 40%, which is a critical issue in sustainability. What technologies can be used in production, and what are the hottest trends? Let’s look at some examples!

·       Industrial IoT (Internet of Things): IoT-controlled machines and sensors enable the automation of devices to collect data to improve processes and increase energy efficiency.

·       Additive manufacturing and 3D – less time, less waste: Additive manufacturing technology printing does not need to keep certain parts in stock all the time. During the process, on the one hand, less waste is generated, and on the other hand, many materials generated in this way can be completely recycled.

·       Digital twin is our friend: We can run several tests and simulations on the digital twin of the machine, so we can even predict the weak points and parts that need to be repaired in advance, and if a problem occurs, it will react lightning fast.

·       AR/VR is conquering the industry: User instructions or documents can be replaced, for example, with the current information on a smart glass, from data projection to the serial number of parts.

·       Industry 5.0 is already on the way: Cooperation between humans and robots, the flexibility of work processes, and human creativity play a prominent role in the intelligent manufacturing environment of the future.

In choosing an industrial automation partner, start by identifying companies that deliver digital expertise and an understanding of the equipment and infrastructure already in place.


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