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The manufacturing industry of Central Europe shows an improving form. Hungary's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) began to rise significantly: the value of 63.1 in December is higher than the long-term average. Also, it exceeds the standard of the previous three months. The Czech Republic manufacturing PMI increased to 42.6 in December, pointing to the seventh straight month of contraction in manufacturing activity.

The results signaled a challenging end to 2022 in the Central European manufacturing sector. Both output and new orders decreased following weak demand conditions, and the impact of energy price hikes and inflation hit operations.

However, the number of new orders shows an improving trend, for which the manufacturing companies of Central Europe must also prepare by expanding their production capacity.

Ready for it?

The purchase of new machines and hiring specialists would tie up considerable capital. Being flexible is all about saving time and money. There is a path to follow to become loose. First, the best way to be more flexible in a production line is by using cells or modules.

To do this, there is a professional partner in every country. Central European Automation Holding provides international expertise and competence for your flexible automation with local staff.


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