Concept or firefighting in factory automation

The automotive industry is still clearly dominant in automation, but the food industry has undergone tremendous development on an international level.

Compared to Western technologies and trends, Hungary is approx. 10-15 years behind. Not too bad. The Polish and Czech food industries were in a similar situation, but they drastically reduced this with well-focused, well-thought-out development plans.

Long-term concepts vs. acute problems

Following the energy costs has become a particularly acute problem area. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to monitor the production systems: predicting unexpected failures, tracking the state of production units and production lines, and even calculating the cost per unit – significantly improving cost efficiency.

Automation of small or large tasks is typical in these areas. Central European Automation Holding and its affiliated companies have comprehensive automation expertise and solutions from machine construction to warehouse automation. Small companies are often afraid of large-scale investments, but there is no need to take on disproportionately large risks. With its highly scalable solutions, Central European Automation Holding started a small pilot project on a small scale. Based on that, the company management will decide whether to expand it.


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