Industrial digitalization can also beat the energy crisis

Industry 4.0 solutions can cut factory energy demand by up to 40%, vital for sustainability amid rising challenges in providing traditional sources.

By 2030, the global market’s value for digitizing production may reach 1,370 billion dollars. The spread and development of modern Industry 4.0 solutions enable faster, more efficient, and cheaper production and can also cut down on the energy requirements of processes, thus providing an answer to one of today’s biggest challenges.

The energy demand for production processes is enormous, and due to environmental and geopolitical indications, it is increasingly challenging to provide this quantity – mainly from traditional sources. Industry 4.0 solutions can reduce the energy demand of factories by up to 40%, which is a critical issue in sustainability.

Let’s look at some examples!

  • Industrial IoT: IoT-controlled machines and sensors enable the automation of devices and the collection of data to improve processes and increase energy efficiency.
  • 3D printing: Less time, less waste. Thanks to additive manufacturing technology, there is no need to keep certain parts in stock; they can be created quickly, cheaply, and individually according to current conditions.
  • The digital twin is our friend: Several tests and simulations can be run on the machine’s digital footprint, so we can even predict weak points and parts that need to be repaired, and if a problem occurs, we can react lightning fast.
  • AR/VR: Augmented- and virtual-reality-based solutions are also increasingly popular in production, primarily in efficiency improvement and training/further training.
  • Industry 5.0: The possible next steps of industrial digitalization can create an even closer and more efficient synergy between machines and human labor.

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