Cost-cutting steps in the production

Data is a powerful tool for businesses; without context, it's just a collection of meaningless numbers. Data must be gathered through a well-structured and controlled process that aligns with the company's objectives to benefit from data truly.

While electricity consumption used to account for roughly 10-20 percent of production costs, today, it can reach up to 40 percent of the expenses in energy-intensive industries. With skyrocketing electricity prices, nothing is a hot topic more than how to reduce a manufacturing company’s energy bill.

Of course, this starts with digitization. If you have a measurement, you have the data, and it becomes visible where the production process can be optimized.

Digitization? How it’s made…

You don’t have to think about millions of investments immediately; production monitoring can already have demonstrable results if the causes of waste are revealed. Measurement and field data collection enable companies to take back control by learning about their processes and reacting to them. But much data can only be helpful to a business if it has a context; the data collection is carried out as part of a planned and regulated process.

Be bold with data-based decisions. Central European Automation Holding helps automate, analyze, and monitor operations with international strength and local specialists. Small things often lead to significant savings.



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