Central European Automation Holding is growing by acquisition of SOGOS – FANAM

Central European Automation Holding is enhancing industrial automation offerings and expanding opportunities for growth and innovation.

We are pleased to welcome a new member of Central European Automation Holding (CEAH), SOGOS – FANAM.

This move marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter and another significant milestone on the successfully growing journey of CEAH.

The inclusion of SOGOS-FANAM significantly empowers CEAH’s unique strengths and value proposition by fully utilizing all member companies‘ strengths and decades of expertise as leading market positions in their field of interest, creating a powerful synergy and bringing unique benefits to our customers. This partnership will further enhance our offerings and open new opportunities for growth and innovation.

SOGOS-FANAM is a respected and reliable provider of various industrial solutions and services focused on a specific tire and rubber production market. Thanks to their focus on quality and flexibility, they developed long-term partnerships with significant tire & rubber production players, known for their commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction. Sogos – Fanam will continue serving their customers with the same ever-lasting care and quality.

Combined resources, expertise, and financial strengths of SOGOS-FANAM, together with already established CEAH members – Automa CZ, Antra ID & Auware Engineering further enable the entire group to offer a broader range of high-quality services to meet customer needs.

We are proud to unite such innovative and forward-looking organizations, contributing to our dedication to delivering excellence in industrial automation products and services for our valued customers.


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